Why you should have a Dresser?

From the moment the ring goes on your left hand (and maybe before) the question of what to wear becomes a primary focus.

Simple and understated? Sophiscated glamour? So much of how you see yourself determines the look and feeling of the event itself (or vice versa); a gown to match that special location- where he proposed. Either way a great deal of time and thought has gone into choosing the gown and outfits that will make up your Bridal Party. So it is understandable that you want all the details to be just so. A visit to the Bridal Salon with your Dresser during your final fitting can ensure that both yours, your Mother’s and the designer’s vision is understood completely. It is now the job of the dresser to carry out that vision on your Wedding day.

The Dresser will:
• Steam/press and prepare the bridal gown/petticoats/veils/shoes etc.
• Get the bride dressed, from undergarments to shoes/jewellery etc.
• Ensure the gown is fitting well – make any final adjustments if necessary.
• Understand how the veil has being attached by the hairstylist so that easy removal can be done (without disrupting the hair style)
• Assist the groom: shirt pressing/bow ties etc.
• Escort the bride to photos ensuring that she has what she needs for the duration of photos: beverage  w/straws mints/favourite snacks if necessary.
• Preparing/assisting the Bridal party: bridesmaids/groomsmen/flower girls/page boys/Mothers of .. with pressing/steaming, bow ties/ties, sashes etc.
• Assisting everybody to photos.
• Prepare and re-adjust the Bridal gown & veils just before the walk down the aisle.
• Ensure that everybody is looking and feeling “picture perfect”
• Bustle the gown (post ceremony) and remove any veils that the Bride may not to wear for the cocktail & dinner party.
• Change shoes, if preferred. Place Brides evening purse and extra shoes on and under the head table respectively.

All manner of emergencies can be handled !!
• Shoes need shinning?
• Dress a little too long or loose?
• Zipper stuck?
• Buttons falling off?
• Grooms vest too big?
• Lipstick or make-up stains on dress?
• Shoes too big?
• Blisters on toes?
• Headache?
• Grooms pants too long/short?
• Broken nail?

I come with my own steamer and a big bag of tricks but most of all I bring you peace of mind that whatever fashion hiccup might occur I’ll be there.

Here’s to a great day, The Wedding dresser.