My Love of a big gown goes all the way back to my childhood in Dublin. My Mother was a fashion watcher, whether it was Hollywood glamour or the British Royal family Joan Shaw (a dressmaker and knitter herself) copied the runway looks and could be heard saying to my father “ tell the girls that its right out of the magazines” when we bemoaned the tiresome fittings, as my Mother pinned her latest creation on us!

My Mother had an eye for drama and the last great outfit I recall her wearing was (to my Holy Communion) a wonderful black and white houndstooth swing coat with a large white straw hat, tilted at just the right angle (think Grace Kelly in “High Society”)

Weddings in Ireland were a community affair (or so we thought). It was a common occurrence when a Bride left her parents home on her Wedding Day that the neighbours came out to cheer and wave her on and of course to “check out” the dress. Churches were not off limits either and many a Bride and Groom came down the aisle to see the local ladies with prams and shopping bags congregated around the back of the Church wishing her well and telling her how lovely and gorgeous she looked !!

Everybody loves a Bride ! and I’m a firm believer that it’s not possible to be over dressed on your Wedding day and as my friend Rebecca Byrne’s mother said to her on her Wedding day:

“You’re only going to do it this way once …….”

Welcome and congratulations on your upcoming nuptials, I look forward to not only working with you on the day but providing you, your groom and attendants with some fashion guidelines and useful tips.
And yes, I’m still in the habit of sticking my head in the door when I think there’s a fabulous wedding going on !!!